Diabetes Low Blood Sugar

Diabetes Low Blood Sugar Effects On Diabetics

A rising young Nickelodeon star has been described by her peers and the studio to be very professional; no missed rehearsals, no display of tardiness and always constant 100% energy during rehearsals. But away from the public view, her mother and a relative keep constant watch. On the star’s wrist is a device that alerts her family members when in the midst of frenetic dancing or singing, her diabetes low blood sugar level drops. Afflicted with diabetes mellitus there are the instances when her high levels of insulin suddenly make her blood sugar drop to dangerously low levels.

Diabetes low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia is a condition where the level of glucose in the blood drops to a certain level usually about 3.0mmol/l. The normal range should be between 4mmol/l to 8mmol/l (high percentage that spikes after meals). The resulting drop causes a victim to feel faint and dizzy with constant sweating and a lingering feeling of fatigue. By eating sugar in a form that is easily digested and absorbed by the body, normal blood sugar levels return and the show goes on.

Medical experts often say that diabetes low blood sugar is easily preventable especially when one considers how it is caused which are often human oversights in nature. Diabetes low blood sugar episodes can be caused by: 1) calorie intake not conforming with demand- you have activities that clearly need a certain amount of energy, yet you eat inadequate meals insufficient to provide you with the needed energy or vice versa; 2) wrong dosage- insulin shot or oral diabetes tablets are too high; 3) too much alcohol which tends to lower blood sugar levels.

Professional medics in diabetes

Avoiding episodes of diabetes low blood sugar should be easy given that if you are a long time sufferer, you are expected to know the following facts about your blood sugar levels that: 1) if you take your insulin dosage, your blood sugar level will tend to be higher 1-2 hours after a meal and lowest after about 3-4 hours. In a mild case of diabetes low blood sugar, go for fruit juice, milk or glucose tablets- avoid cakes or sweet pastries because they take a longer time to be absorbed. In some cases where diabetes low blood sugar episodes are exceptionally chronic, it is imperative that professional medics be called. Emergency medical personnel can administer glucagons which is a glucose increasing hormone. If for some reason there are family members who are prone to such chronic attacks of diabetes low blood sugar, you can request a glucagons kit for the home from the nearest health care facility or diabetes clinic. Be sure to instruct family members on how to administer the injections.

Potential diabetes low blood sugar episode

But perhaps the best preventive measure is when the diabetic sufferer himself knows or is attuned to his own body to know when a potential diabetes low blood sugar episode is coming. Along with this knowledge is adequate and responsible preparation at all times. One can’t simply be in a place without the proper safety materials at hand like emergency glucose tablets or even an identity card to alert those around you that you are diabetic.

Measure blood sugar levels religiously and follow the dietary requirements set by your doctor.