Diabetes Diets

Diabetes Diets Do Not Have To Be Dull

Researches on diabetes diets continue to look for ways to further improve the effects of regulating what diabetics eat in order to better manage their ailment. Since most type 2 diabetes patients are overweight, their diets often involve shedding off weight especially around the mid-section. Different diets have been developed such as Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, DASH Diet, On-line diet tools like Calorie-Count Plus, Guidelines from the Food Pyramid, among many others including individualized plans from nutritionists. Most of these diets are designed to have low-fat, low-cholesterol food content, others claim that protein diet is the key. It is important to note though that the choice of which among diabetes diets to practice should always involve expert medical advice from the patient’s doctor and nutritionist or dietitian. Diabetes patients should never assume that a certain diet is good for him or her just because many others claim it to be so and vouch for its effectiveness.

A lot of diabetes patients often dread about the idea of subjecting themselves to a strictly regulated diet. They picture some boring meal plans consisting mainly of green vegetables and grains and frown on the idea of saying goodbye to all the tasty fries and burgers and pasta they have always loved to feast on. Perhaps among other things, this is the reason why diabetes often goes hand in hand with depression. A change in their food intake, the conscious effort to take note of food content, how much should be taken and how often significantly affect their daily activities, mood, and thinking especially at the early stages when they have not fully adjusted themselves to the new system. Diabetes diets often come as a burden to patients who resent being limited in what they often love to do best, eating.

Diabetes treatment

Diabetes diets, however, are essential in managing diabetes. As blood glucose and cholesterol levels should be rigorously monitored and managed, patients cannot simply eat what they want. A great deal of discipline should come with managing diabetes. Patients must mentally, physically, and psychologically adapt to their new lifestyle because diabetes treatment entails a lot of discipline on the part of the patient. Diabetes diets experts often recommend getting most of daily calories from carbohydrates (about 50-60%), protein (12-20%), and no more than 30% from fats. And though that does not seem appealing to them, food intake regulation is a must in managing diabetes.

The health needs of diabetes patients

Diabetes patients however do not helplessly have to settle for boring and tasteless food as far as their diabetes diets are concerned. Health and food experts, taking into consideration the need of patients for healthy but delicious food, recommend some especially formulated recipes that cater to the health needs of diabetes patients. Healthy and flavorful food can be prepared for diabetes patients. It is a good way to gradually discipline their food intake without being inconsiderate of their food needs and wants. Diabetes patients should see this change in their diet as simply enjoying their food in a different way, complete with numerous benefits that go with it and realize that it is not that bad after all.