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Diabetes Cure Available Today

According to studies, about seven percent of the population in the United States has been diagnosed with diabetes. While 16 million people have been diagnosed with the disease, about six million people are not aware that they have the disease. Moreover, an estimated 54 million people have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a medical condition wherein a person has high blood glucose level but this level is not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis. Because of its implications to society, many have sought to find a diabetes cure that can address the complications brought about by this medical condition.

The rising of blood glucose levels

Diabetes CureThe purpose of a diabetes cure is to stop the rising of blood glucose levels without also keeping it in abnormally low levels. Different treatment regimens are recommended for each major type of diabetes. For type 1 diabetes, a management plan includes insulin treatment, exercise and diabetic diet. For type 2 diabetes, the diabetic would have to reduce weight, do exercises and take a diabetic diet. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) had endorsed some guidelines about the proper diet for a diabetic. This diet plan should be low in fat, cholesterol and sugar. Exercises and weight reduction are likewise recommended since both affects the demand of the body for insulin. If the treatment previously mentioned does not prevent elevations in blood glucose levels, another diabetes cure is used. This involves the use of oral medications. If this does not work, insulin injections would have to be done.

Health care system

Several factors would have to be considered in choosing an oral medication for type 2 diabetes. These include the extent of the change in blood glucose level upon medication intake, other existing medical conditions of the diabetic, adverse effects of the therapy, contraindications of medications, issues that may affect compliance to medication and lastly, the cost of diabetes cure both to the patient and to a larger health care system. Combinations of drugs may be prescribed. Oral medication treatment should likewise be taken in conjunction with proper diet and exercises. Medicines for type 2 diabetes are grouped into categories. These categories are as follows: medications that minimize glucose production of the liver, medications that heighten the sensitivity of cells to insulin, medications that lower carbohydrates absorption from the intestine, medications that affect glycemic control and DPP-IV inhibitors. Insulin treatment is also recommended for more serious type 2 diabetes cases. On the other hand, the only known diabetes cure for Type 1 diabetes is a pancreas transplant. However, this procedure is very risky and does not assure a patient of complete recovery. Moreover, transplant patients would have to maintain drugs that may cause immune system suppression. This makes the body very vulnerable to other diseases and infections.

Presently, many studies have been conducted to find the perfect diabetes cure for all types of diabetes. Clinical trials have been initiated by many organizations and companies in their constant bid to achieve this aim. Hopefully, in the near future, millions of people will be able to conquer diabetes through the discovery of this medication.