Canadian Diabetes Association

Introducing The Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association has a most distinguished lineage as its founder; the eminent Charles Best was a co-discoverer of insulin. Very early on, Best recognized the need for an organization that would address the needs of a growing number of Canadians who were developing the disease and so it was that the Diabetic Association of Ontario was set up at the tail end of the 40s.

Canada’s different associations

But even as other provinces and territories followed suit with their own associations and groups, it became clear that it was more logical and pragmatic to have everyone under a single organization. When the Canadian Diabetes Association was thus formed in 1953, it gathered together all the resources and collective powers of all of Canada’s different associations. For the next 50 years, the Canadian Diabetes Association has grown and expanded to such extent that it currently serves more than 150 communities all over Canada. It has espoused its ideals on combating the disease through effective and relevant research, continuing education, service and advocacy of endeavors that will further the cause of efficient diabetes management and prevention.

The approach that the Canadian Diabetes Association uses in diabetes management is holistic; it answers the important question that most diabetes sufferers initially ask when faced with the inevitable prospect of living with the condition for the rest of their lives- who do I turn to and how can they help me? On its website, the Canadian Diabetes Association offers a full range of resources and programs such as toll-free information lines, forums, and information sessions with experts, an online store, and even insurance consultations and services.

The Canadian Diabetes Association has also created innovative strategies to promote diabetes awareness on a massive scale. There is its annual LiveSmart Diabetes Expo which brings together a “full spectrum of diabetes information, products, resources and speakers all under one roof”.

Successful diabetes management

Every summer, the Canadian Diabetes Association organizes summer camps specifically for diabetic children and teens (those with Type 1 diabetes). The camps address the concerns of experts who recommend that interaction with other children with the same condition in an environment that is as close to what normal kids have goes a long way in fulfilling the positive psychological reinforcements needed for successful diabetes management. The camps are not all fun and games though; kids learn about diabetes management as well and of the importance of self-discipline as a key component in leading what could potentially be a normal life even with the disease. The camp enables children to learn what other diabetes sufferers only get to learn much later- independence; the ability to manage and be responsible in managing their illness at a young age and something that studies have confirmed to have lasting impact on the life-expectancy of sufferers who discovered early one how to manage their condition.

The Canadian Diabetes Association has also resources to help out some of Canada’s aboriginal population like First Nation and Metis.

For its efforts in the field of national diabetic management, the Canadian Diabetes Association has been awarded the 2005 National Awards in Governance by the Conference Board of Canada/ Spencer Stuart.